IOU Fishing Charters Barbados - Testimonials

 Bonnie Elgin from U.S.A.
 January 2005
Awesome adventure.  Will tell our co-workers!! Will definitely do this again!!

Jevon Bennato - Abbotsford, Canada 
February 2005 
Great morning.  Very experienced crew.  Thank you very much

 Clive Drage - Northants U.K. 
March 2005  
Superb! Really good trip.  Crew very professional and friendly

Marie-Noelle Walsh & Family - U.S.A.
March 2005
Thank you so much - my family & I really enjoyed ourselves - good luck and hope to fish with you again.

 Ted McNeff - New York, U.S.A.
March 2005 
Great Day of Fishing - beats office work all to hell!

Mike Smith/Cedriq Jocquin/Pierre vivier/Georges Castera
April 5005
Caught blue marlin
Great fishing - nice crew

Angie & Martin Kennell/Kevin & Nina Parham - Horsham U.K.
May 2005
GREAT!! Love to do a full day (without the girls)!! 

 Kim & Gary Malins from Brighton, Sussex U.K. 
June 2005 
Thank you for the experience. We had a wonderful time.  We had never been deep sea fishing before.  Martyn & Angie were great 'teachers' and superb hosts for the outing. Highly recommend. 

Cheryll & Mike & Harry Rogers  from Poole, Dorset UK. 
January 2009 
Fantastic!! Thank you for being so kind to Harry (aged 8) he will never forget his first game fishing trip.
Total catch 3 Kingfish and 3 Dorado of which Harry fought single handed and unaided 2 Kingfish and 1 Dorado.  

Simon Young from Hastings, E. Sussex
March 2009
Having just returned from Barbados, my memories of fishing aboard IOU will stay with me for sometime (or until I beat my new personal best King Fish 35lb) I would just like to say thank you to yourselves for giving me the opportunity to  catch a big fish. (It beats catching dabs & whiting down at Hastings beach any day). To be honest it made my holiday, as I have trolled before without any luck. When I got back to the hotel their were quite a few people interested in where I had been all day and when I told them that I had been catching king fish there were a lot that did not believe so the camera came out and the evidence was produced. Quite a few of the people in the hotel had been deep sea fishing on various charter boats and had caught nothing saying that it was a waste of time, but I'm glad that I found Martyn and IOU. Martyn, being a mad keen fisherman really helps as I don’t think that, like a lot of other charter skippers thinks solely about the money, (obviously it helps) his knowledge of fishing is second to none he likes to get you to the fish and that really showed as we waited for Julio's fish to bite, and bite it did. and as a bonus I hooked into a second fish FANTASTIC.  Once again thank you very much for an enjoyable six hours of fishing. 

  Mark Barrett from Guildford, Surrey.
July 2010
Mark and his family came out for a 6 hour birthday treat for his son Oscar aged 10. The caught 3 big Wahoo weighing around 30 lbs. each but lost one at the transom after a tremendous fight.
His comments were what an excellent way to spend 6 hours and with great hosts.  The birthday cake was a real surprise for Oscar - Thanks Angie & Martyn. 

Joseph and Megan Lopez USA
July 2010 
Great Day!  Better luck next time! 

  Stephen Lothrop from Westminster, MA, USA.
July 2010
We enjoyed our trip on Wednesday.  Both boy's are always asked the highlight of our Barbados vacation.  Without hesitation they mention Angie, Martyn, the IOU and the Big Tuna.
Thanks Angie for explaining to the boys what it means to be 'the skipper".  Thanks Martyn for making us "top boat"!!! 

 Tom from Florida, USA

Dec 2011
Went fishing with my wife and 2 sons and had a great day! We caught 5 big wahoo and had so much fun with the captain and crew. Will definitely go again next time we're in Barbados.

John and Dana from Toronto
February 2012
We were in Barbados for our honeymoon and I convinced my "wife" :) to go fishing with me. She was very hesitant about the idea but in the end she came along and we had such a blast! She even caught a bigger fish than I did - hers was 35lbs!! (I caught 2 that were about 20lbs each). She has not let me live that down! We hope to be back again soon.

Bob, U.K.
December 2012
Super day! Omar and Louis were so great! Definitely coming back. See you next year.

 George and family, Canada
February 2013
That was the best fishing I've ever done. We caught 5 wahoo, a dorado and a barracuda. My son caught his first fish and was so excited he told everyone at the hotel. Omar and Louis were super - were great company and helped us out perfectly. Thanks so much - we'll definitely be back. Sure beats a day in the office!!

Linda and Grant, Aberdeen, UK
May 2013
Caught 2 kingfish (wahoo) and a barracuda - the weather was perfect and the sea was beautiful. Awesome day - see you again soon! (we hope)

Paul and friends
Oct 2013
We did the Fish and Swim Charter and it was so much fun. We swim with four large turtles and caught a 28lb wahoo on the way back.  Thanks for a fun day and all the info on Barbados, Omar and Louis.

Nov 2013
Took my Dad fishing - it was the Best fishing trip in Barbados and I've been on a few! Will highly recommend you to all my friends. 

March 2014

Had a great morning and caught 4 wahoo. Thanks Omar for cleaning and filleting some of that fish for us - we had a really great dinner that night. We are hoping to come back to Barbados next year and catch some more fish with you.  Cheers!


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